If I cancel QuikFlow Pro, will I still be able to open and edit all of my QuikFlow files in the free version?

Yes! The free version of QuikFlow can open and edit all files created using QuikFlow Pro. Pro features will simply be locked, so you won't be able to easily adjust colors or add additional sockets, for example. But you can edit all aspects available in the free version and existing colors and sockets won't be lost.

Will I be able to cancel the trial without paying?

Yes! If you cancel the trial in time before it ends, you won't have to pay anything. Check your store's policies for details on how long you have to cancel.

Is there a trial available for the lifetime package?

Not directly, but you can start a trial for any of the subscription packages and cancel it before it ends. Once the trial has run out, you will be able to purchase the lifetime package again. You might have to restore purchases or restart the app for the lifetime package to become available. You can also buy the standalone "QuikFlow Pro" app available on each store.

I am currently subscribed to QuikFlow Pro, but I want to switch to the lifetime package. How can I do that?

You can cancel your subscription and wait for it to run out. Once you no longer have an active subscription, the lifetime package will become available again. You can also buy the standalone "QuikFlow Pro" app available on each store.

Will QuikFlow be available on other platforms (such as iOS, iPadOS, Android, or Linux)?

We plan to support additional platforms in the future based on demand. If you want to use QuikFlow on a currently unsupported platform, please let us know at!

Can I purchase QuikFlow Pro licenses for a business or an educational institution?

On macOS, you can purchase the lifetime version of QuikFlow Pro via Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager: We also offer a standalone Pro version on Windows, but due to the Microsoft Store for Business and Education being phased out, there is currently no volume licensing:

I am a content creator or journalist. Can I get a free review code?

Yes! Just send us an email to Please include a link to your channel/website and which operating system (e.g. Windows or macOS) you would like the code for.